1. How Often You Should Be Getting Common Household Items Cleaned

    Many people are surprised to learn about how many common household items our upholstery cleaning team can take care of for them. While most people know that we can deep clean chairs and sofas, they might not know that we can also clean their throw pillows, mattresses, dining room chairs and much more! If you have been putting off cleaning these items because you weren't sure how to do it or how of…Read More

  2. Tips for Closing Up Your RV for the Winter

    Earlier this year we gave you some handy hints on how to get your RV ready for all of your summer adventures. We hope you had an amazing summer traveling across the United States and making memories with your family in your RV. Sadly, though, Labor Day is only a few weeks away, a day that's usually considered to be the unofficial end of summer. Kids are going back to school and it's only a few wee…Read More

  3. How to Revive Antique Upholstered Items

    There are a lot of incredible antique stores in the Casper area and beyond. These places are packed with potential treasures for your home. Some of the most special items you'll find are upholstered items like chairs, sofas, and benches. Many people assume when they purchase an antique upholstered piece that they'll need to have the upholstery redone. That's certainly an option; reupholstering a p…Read More

  4. Tips to Help You Get Your RV Ready for Summer Adventures

    Your RV has been tucked away during the cold weather, having been winterized months ago until Spring sprung again. Well, spring is here, so it's time to get your RV out of storage and get it ready for all of your warm weather adventures. It takes more than just opening a couple windows and airing the place out. Our upholstery cleaning team in Casper has been helping Wyoming residents get their RV'…Read More

  5. How To Sift Through A Water Damaged Home

    Freezing winter temperatures in Casper can cause devastation in a home or business if a pipe bursts. Water that was once held nicely in metal or plastic pipes has now ventured into your home or business, soaking everything in its path. Unfortunately, this can cause quite a bit of damage. The good news is that our carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Casper has the equipment necessary to remov…Read More

  6. Upholstery Cleaning for the Sofa, Booth

    Upholstery cleaning can make a huge difference in the quality of your furniture, and if you’re a business owner, clean furniture can increase your business. Today, our post is about upholstery cleaning for sofas and for booths. These are two similar pieces of furniture that get a lot of use and a lot of appreciation when they are clean. Residential Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning the home is more t…Read More

  7. Common Household Items We Can Help You Keep Clean

    People love our upholstery cleaning services in Casper for helping them keep their couches and armchairs looking fresh and lasting as long as possible, but that's not all that we can do! Here are some of the other common household items that our upholstery cleaning team can work on for you. Dining Room Chairs If you have dining room chairs that have a padded or upholstered back or seat to them, we…Read More

  8. How to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

    The furniture that you purchase for your home or office is an investment. Sure, most pieces aren't going to appreciate in value, but you want your furniture to last as long as possible to get the most bang for your buck. Great looking furniture makes the entire space look nicer, whether it's your personal living room or the waiting room for your business. Our upholstery cleaning team in Casper can…Read More

  9. It’s Time to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

    Believe it or not, the holiday season is nearly here. Chances are you are already starting to think about what parties you want to attend this year, where you'll spend the holidays, and what events you want to host in your own home. If the thought of having guests in your home for the holidays makes you nervous, our upholstery cleaning team in Casper can help you get ready! Give Your Home a Deep C…Read More