1. Common Household Items We Can Help You Keep Clean

    People love our upholstery cleaning services in Casper for helping them keep their couches and armchairs looking fresh and lasting as long as possible, but that's not all that we can do! Here are some of the other common household items that our upholstery cleaning team can work on for you. Dining Room Chairs If you have dining room chairs that have a padded or upholstered back or seat to them, we…Read More

  2. How to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

    The furniture that you purchase for your home or office is an investment. Sure, most pieces aren't going to appreciate in value, but you want your furniture to last as long as possible to get the most bang for your buck. Great looking furniture makes the entire space look nicer, whether it's your personal living room or the waiting room for your business. Our upholstery cleaning team in Casper can…Read More

  3. It’s Time to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

    Believe it or not, the holiday season is nearly here. Chances are you are already starting to think about what parties you want to attend this year, where you'll spend the holidays, and what events you want to host in your own home. If the thought of having guests in your home for the holidays makes you nervous, our upholstery cleaning team in Casper can help you get ready! Give Your Home a Deep C…Read More

  4. A New Pup May Be A Good Reason For Upholstery Cleaning

    Pets may be the cutest accidental customers we encounter in our carpet and upholstery cleaning business around Casper. Just look at Dexter. He’s precious. We call pets our accidental customers because they’re often the reason many people call us to come clean. The cat got into the muddy backyard and tromped all over Great Aunt Edna’s antique sofa. The dog got into the litter box thinking it …Read More

  5. Quick Instructions To Shampoo A Fabric Couch

    Cleaning a sofa can be a simple chore, especially when you start with pre-cleaning. In fact, if you keep up with the simple pre-cleaning chores weekly, the deep upholstery cleaning will be easier when you tackle it monthly. Here are a few different ways to deep clean a sofa. Remember that you can always count on us to do this for you! We love taking care of your furniture. The first step to deep c…Read More

  6. Tips For Pre-Cleaning A Sofa

    Do you have a cleaning routine? I always spot clean my kitchen every night by wiping the counters and table after dinner and sweeping the crumbs off the floor.Then, about once per week I’ll vacuum the floors, quick clean the bathroom, and do the laundry. Once per month I’ll deep clean the carpet and upholstery and scrub the bathtubs. Many of the homes I visit throughout the days lack upholster…Read More

  7. When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Mattress?

    Some of my favorite moments of the day are spent lying in bed: waking and sleeping. It’s the moments immediately after waking that give my day a cozy start and the moments before sleeping that relax the day’s stress. I’ve come to find out that my mattress is much more than a cozy spot; it’s the setting of my nightly rejuvenation. The mattress collects the daily sheddings of my skin and hai…Read More

  8. Save The Family Heirlooms With Upholstery Cleaning In Casper

    That beautiful couch you inherited from Great Aunt Edna is a family heirloom. The stitching was hand-sewn and the white fabric was chosen to represent her love for the falling snow. It looks more like a piece of art than a traditional sofa, but the comfort level is too high to keep it as one of those “look only” pieces of furniture. Since you love this couch so much, you should consider profes…Read More

  9. Upholstery Cleaning In Casper, WY

    There’s no such thing as having too clean of a home. The typical household chores start with clearing the clutter, wiping down counters, and cleaning the floors. Then it can start to get a little more in-depth. These chores typically include a bit more elbow grease to get the job done which is why we tend to put them off until it’s absolutely necessary. However, with nearly 30 years of cleanin…Read More