1. What To Do After Water Damage

    Water damage can cause devastating destruction to a home, especially to your flooring which takes the brunt of the damage. Whether it's from a natural disaster, a burst pipe, or other water sources, there are some steps that you should take as soon as possible to start mitigating the damage. Stop the water if you can. If the water damage is being caused by a source of water that's still flooding t…Read More

  2. How to Get Odors Out of Carpet for Good

    Sometimes carpet can look clean, but your nose tells the real story. Carpets can trap odors within the fibers or deep within the padding underneath, making it difficult to get them out. Our carpet cleaning team in Casper has a few tips that you can try at home to see if you can get those strange smells gone for good. Identify the Smell It's not pleasant, but identifying the smell can help you sto…Read More

  3. Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean Year Round

    It seems like every season brings its own battles when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. Our carpet cleaning team in Casper has seen it all, and we have some tips that can help you keep your carpets as clean as possible no matter the season. Spring Spring rains might bring flowers, but it also brings a lot of mud that can be tracked in on your carpets. Encourage your family to take their shoe…Read More

  4. Tips to Help You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

    Moving is stressful. When you have the added stress of trying to get your rental deposit back, it can be almost unbearable. Thankfully, our carpet cleaning team in Casper is here to help! We've helped many people get their rental deposits back and leave behind a clean apartment. Here are some of our helpful tips to getting back that deposit. Put These Tips Into Action When Moving Out Make your app…Read More

  5. Autumn Carpet Cleaning

    Autumn is great for so many reasons: you can go outside without sweating buckets or freezing, football is back on TV (and pickup games are everywhere), and the leaves, while dying, turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Because we all spend so much time outside, and then a bunch of time inside watching games and enjoying holiday meals, we’re bound to track a lot of dirt and debris in…Read More

  6. What’s Happened In The 30 Years Since We Started Cleaning Carpets?

    AA Super Klean has proudly been in the carpet cleaning business for 30 years! Through those decades, many things have changed in our industry, the town, the country, and the world. Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane from 1986 to now. Our Journey Through 30 Years Of Carpet Cleaning 1986 From Pretty in Pink to the Challenger Explosion and the disaster at Chernobyl, it’s safe to say that…Read More

  7. We Can Help Keep Your Business’ Carpet Clean

    Have you ever walked into a business and noticed a subtle stench or blatant mess on the carpet? Not pleasing! How about the disgust you feel when you sit down at a restaurant booth and see leftover food stains on the seat? Here at Super Klean, we can help your business’ customers avoid these feelings by helping you keep your business sparkly, clean, and oh-so-fresh. With both upholstery and carp…Read More

  8. Selling Your Home? This Will Increase Value

    Every homeowner’s dream is to sell their home for more than the price at which they bought it. Homes are an investment, and it is one of those possessions that actually has the potential to make you money in the long run. If you’ve lived in your home for many years, you may see the wear and tear of the love that has moved through the house. Even if you’ve only lived in the house for a few ye…Read More

  9. Welcome To Casper: A Moving In Checklist

    Are you moving into a new home in Casper? Whether you’re a native switching to a new abode or someone who is new to Casper, moving checklists can help the whole process get easier. Have you ever tried to move into a new home and forgotten about that one thing that would’ve made moving so much easier? We’re here to think of those things for you before you’re stuck doing more work. Here’s …Read More