1. Tips for Preventing Water Damage

    Our home is a reflection of the kind of person we are. Sometimes it’s austere and spartan, messy and disorganized, or simply designed for comfort. It’s a place where we can relax, be ourselves, unwind after a long day. Home is important, and that’s why of all the potential problems your home can experience, water damage is possibly the worst and definitely the most insidious. According to Al…Read More

  2. Tips for Caring for Your Area Rug

    In the movie The Big Lebowski, slacker Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski gets caught up in misadventures involving insane bowlers, ridiculous performance artists, and a surly millionaire who shares his name. He’s attacked, verbally abused, and disrespected. Why does he put up with it? His beloved area rug is damaged and, as he puts it, “That rug really tied the room together.” While we understand…Read More