Do you know how much dust, dirt, and general ick can take up residence in the fibers of your carpet every day? Answer: it’s a lot.

Even if you vacuum regularly, it can be easy to drag dust, dirt, and allergens in from outside. Not only can this affect the life of your carpets over time, it can affect the air quality of your home. Think about it. Whatever you track in on your shoes easily ends up in your carpets. But that’s not all. Does your toddler have a penchant for dropping snacks as they eat and walk? Your beloved family dog probably helps with that, but there are still plenty of crumbs and food particles that can get left behind — then ground in by feet both large and small. Then, of course, there is the coffee that gets sloshed as you rush out the door in the morning or the soda that gets spilled by an energetic teen. Even after carefully dabbing and blotting to soak up the spill, there is going to be some residual stickiness that attracts even more dirt to that spot. And the list goes on, but you get the idea. A lot goes on, and your carpets are there through it all. Each bit of dirt or sloshed drink not only makes your carpet look dirtier, it can actually affect the life of your carpets.

Your Vacuum Needs Help

Vacuuming is a good start, but there are plenty of things that can limit your vacuum’s ability to clean:

  • A congested (or old) brush won’t break up ground-in dirt or particles in the carpet fibers
  • Leaks or cracks in the hose limit suction, which means mess dirt is sucked up
  • Clogged filters or overfull bags also limit suction power
  • You move too quickly — if you do quick back and forth passes, your vacuum doesn’t have a chance to actually suction up the debris it loosens!

In addition, vacuums are not the best tool for cleaning up liquids or pastes. In fact, the heavy brush and wheels of a vacuum will often ground those things deeper into the fibers. If you really want to help prolong the life of your carpets, give them a boost. Professional carpet cleaning can help remove all of those stubborn stains, dig in deep to clean out all that ground in mess, and leave your carpets looking and smelling like new!

Carpet cleanliness is important because, yes, a dirty carpet looks gross. But, more than that, all the dirt and grime in your carpets can harbor pathogens and allergens that can affect your health! That’s right, if your carpet isn’t clean enough, it may just be making you sick. Your body is affected by a wide variety of allergens and other things that call on your immune day-in and day-out. If your carpets are dirty, your immune system doesn’t get a break when you go home or spend hours a week at the office. Ultimately, that stress on your immune system likely means you may experience everything from asthma to colds or flu-like symptoms. Regular cleanings from a professional carpet cleaning service can help promote better health while making your home or business look great.

AA Super Klean offers residential/home carpet cleaning as well as care for your commercial business. Take a moment to learn more about our services.

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Residential/Home Carpet Cleaning

No matter what style of carpet suits your fancy, it is important to take care of it throughout the years. The floors of our homes see some of the most wear and tear over time, especially in high traffic areas such as the bedrooms, family room, and finished basements.

Regular professional carpet cleaning helps maintain the high-quality look and feel of carpeted floors. Over time, investing in better carpet care can save you money because you won’t have to redo your floors as often.

Not only does cleaning your carpets help take care of the floors themselves, but they help make your living environment healthier. The more dirt and stains are walked into your carpet, the tougher they are to remove. And dirty carpet is just another source of bacteria growth, which can cause allergies and sickness.

Our Top Rated Local® carpet cleaning experts recommend steam cleaning the carpets once a month. You can choose from our packages below.

Our best value package includes a bit of customer appreciation for those who make appointments a year in advance. The sixth- and the 12th-month cleanings will be free with the No Brainer Program.

If monthly cleaning is not feasible for your budget, we offer three other care packages that help protect your carpet investment in your home, help keep your carpets looking like new, and — best of all — give that delicious, freshly-cleaned scent in your home.

Benefits of Regular Home Carpet Care

Home is where the heart is, and if you have kids or pets, it’s also where the mess is. Taking care of your carpets means more than vacuuming at least once a week. In lieu of DIY deep clean carpet care, a professional clean can be exactly what your carpets need.

Here’s how it can help:

  • High-heat steam cleaning is more powerful than a home system.
  • The truck-mounted system makes sure the left-over grime is extracted from the depths of the carpet fibers.
  • It preserves the integrity of your carpets.
  • It makes the carpet look and feel like new.
  • The dirt won’t cause excess allergens in the air.
  • It will smell so good.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

A clean business is a business that will attract repeat customers. Monthly carpet cleaning helps preserve the integrity of your floors while it keeps your business looking like new.

Business owners and managers don’t have the time to professionally clean carpets regularly — not a deep clean at least. Daily and weekly carpet care, such as vacuuming, will pick up the dirt and debris to help prevent damage. However, you can leave the deep steam cleaning to the pros who have the time to do an excellent, thorough job.

Restaurants and retail stores are two of our most popular types of commercial clients because they have such heavy foot traffic in and out of their spaces.

We also provide commercial carpet cleaning for any type of business in Casper. Whether it’s just you and a few employees working at your start-up small business or there are hundreds of employees, regular office care keeps everyone happy and healthy. And we all know that healthy and happy employees means more work completed on the job.

Take care of your employees, your space, and your customers when you take care of your floors.

The No Brainer Program is recommended for businesses because it gives two free monthly carpet cleanings every year. Simply make appointments for 12 months and receive the sixth- and 12th-month cleaning on us.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Carpet Care

It may seem minute to care about the carpet in your business. It’s one of those things that, when taken care of correctly, goes unnoticed. However, when proper carpet care is neglected, customers will notice the dirty floors and assume you cannot run a business well or provide the best services because you can’t even take care of your carpets.

Don’t let this assumption run customers out of your doors!

Commercial carpet care is beneficial because:

  • It proves you care about cleanliness.
  • It protects your investment and saves you money.
  • It keeps your space clean and healthy.
  • Any remnants of spills or stains will be fully extracted.
  • The high-heat steam clean is more powerful than any home system.

Take a moment to look through a variety of our carpet cleaning services offered. As your Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaners, we ensure that you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with any carpet cleaning package you select. If we don’t do the most thorough clean ever, it’s free to you!

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