Some of my favorite moments of the day are spent lying in bed: waking and sleeping. It’s the moments immediately after waking that give my day a cozy start and the moments before sleeping that relax the day’s stress. I’ve come to find out that my mattress is much more than a cozy spot; it’s the setting of my nightly rejuvenation. The mattress collects the daily sheddings of my skin and hair, and it wouldn’t be a pleasant statistic if we shared the amount of skin and hair found in an average mattress, not to mention the sweat, blood, or urine that is found on many mattresses. So we’ll leave you guessing. The truth is that our mattresses are often forgotten during normal cleaning routines. Do yourself a favor and call us for upholstery cleaning in your Casper home; your mattress could use the attention.

Following a professional cleanse, it’s important to maintain great cleaning habits. Keeping your mattress clean means you’re not sleeping in filth and your mattress is lasting longer.

Vacuum The Mattress

We’ve seen that many people are diligent sheet washers. Take the time during your next sheet washing to vacuum the seams in the mattress. Crumbs from last week’s late night snack can sneak through the sheets unexpectedly. Plus, tiny dirt germs aren’t afraid of a simple sheet barrier.

Spot Clean The Stains

There are a variety of home remedies to concoct that act as great stain removers. Chances are that the stains are not fresh and have soaked into the mattress seams. A combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dish soap tends to get the job done well.

Air It Out

Give your mattress a chance to breathe. A little known secret is to carry your mattress to the backyard and let it soak in some natural light. It’s amazing what kind of healing powers vitamin D provides.

If the stains are too tough or the result doesn’t seem worth the effort, call Super Klean to schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment in Casper. We are happy to provide you a Speedy Fast Quote.™