Get A Free Estimate For Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Casper

Last month, we talked about the benefits your business can reap when you hire AA Super Klean as your professional commercial carpet cleaners in Casper. Today, we’ll expand on our services and offer you upholstery cleaning for your local Casper business. Upholstery cleaning isn’t limited to Aunt Edna’s antique sofa or the decorative pillows you have in the family room nobody uses. Upholstery cleaning is beneficial for restaurant chairs and booths, furniture in welcome rooms and lobbies, office furniture, and more.

Consider A Recurring Upholstery Cleaning Schedule

When your customer-based business is regularly cleaned, you don’t have to worry about failing inspections, turning away customers, or losing repeat business. If you run a typical office-type business, your employees will love the recurring cleanliness of their office chairs, and guests will appreciate the tidy look and feel of a waiting room or lobby.

The Benefits Of Working With AA Super Klean For Upholstery Cleaning

Speed Drying

Your business won’t experience unnecessary down time because we have speed drying technology that expedites the wait.


With every visit, we apply a coating of Scotchgard to help repel water and protect from stains.

Emergency Services

Whether it’s a plumbing emergency that caused flooding or another type of problem, AA Super Klean offers emergency water damage clean-up and drying for both carpets and upholstery.

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