Pets may be the cutest accidental customers we encounter in our carpet and upholstery cleaning business around Casper.

Just look at Dexter.

Paul and dog Dexter pose outside before a carpet cleaning job

He’s precious.

We call pets our accidental customers because they’re often the reason many people call us to come clean.

The cat got into the muddy backyard and tromped all over Great Aunt Edna’s antique sofa.

The dog got into the litter box thinking it was the pantry and ended up getting sick all over the carpet.

The stories are endless!

In this time of turmoil, when you’re about to let your dog run away for the zillionth time without caring if they return (even though deep down you know you’ll forgive him as soon as he’s calm and needs you again and you really don’t want him to leave), it’s okay to just walk into another room, give us a call, and let us come take care of the cleaning. You can leave Fido in the dog house until he deserves your love and attention again, and let us handle the rest!

Yet, upon our arrival to the home, the mess is typically cleaned up a bit with the heavy lifting left to us. The animals are showing off their halos and begging to be pet, and even though we know they were the source of this problem… we can’t resist!

The pets will have to stay out of the way while we clean up the mess, but we’ll be happy to show them some love before and after the job is done.

And if they do it again, you know you can count on AA Super Klean to make your carpets and upholstered items look as good as new, as if the pets were respectful members of the family all along.