A lot of carpeting today comes with some kind of warranty. Most carpeting manufacturers offer these warranties to show that they stand behind their product and to entice customers into choosing their brand over an option that doesn’t come with a warranty. Carpeting warranties come in three basic types: wear, staining, and manufacturing. The idea is that if something goes wrong with the manufacturing process, or your carpeting wears out too quickly, or you end up with stains that won’t come out, you can get your carpeting replaced. At first glance, these warranties seem like a great deal when you consider the typical financial investment most of us make when replacing the carpeting in our homes. However, like a lot of things, these warranties come with a catch.

It’s actually incredibly easy to void the warranty on your carpeting. There are a number of things that we all do every day that could be putting our warranty at risk. If you are doing one of these things–even if you don’t know it–you could be voiding the warranty and end up being denied a claim on it. It’s important to carefully read your carpet’s warranty paperwork so you know exactly what you can and can’t do to your carpeting.

How to Avoid Voiding Your Carpet’s Warranty

Choose the right vacuum.

Some carpeting manufacturers actually dictate what kind of vacuum you should use on your carpeting. Read their suggestions carefully, and if your vacuum doesn’t fall into their recommended categories, you might want to consider replacing it. Using the wrong type of vacuum on your carpet can end up causing a lot of extraneous wear and tear on the fibers. Beater bars on high-pile carpeting could end up pulling out the fibers and not only be damaging to your carpeting but your vacuum as well. If that happens, you’ll void the warranty and will have to pay for the repairs and replacement yourself.

Use professional carpet cleaning services.

Most carpeting warranties require that you use professional cleaning services only. That means the do-it-yourself approach is out of the question if you ever want to cash in on the warranty. It’s tempting to take the DIY approach when it comes to carpets, and many people assume they’ll be able to save a lot of money by doing it themselves. That’s usually not true, actually, when you factor in the cost of renting the equipment and paying for your own time. Having a pro can actually be cheaper in the long run, especially when you consider that your warranty will still be intact when they are done.

Only use steam cleaning.

When you do work with a professional carpet cleaning company, you’ll want to make sure they only use deep extraction steam cleaning methods on your carpeting. That’s because this is almost universally the method that’s recommended by carpet manufacturers. Using anything else can void your warranty and damage your carpet fibers. Ask any professional carpet cleaning team you contact what kind of method they use, and if it’s anything but steam cleaning, then you need to call AA Super Klean.

Know what stains are covered.

Not all stains are created equally in the eyes of carpet manufacturers. While stain warranties can be useful if you end up with a stubborn stain on your brand new carpet, that warranty isn’t going to cover a lot of common stains. Most warranties have exclusions for stains that come from anything other than food or beverages, including pet stains. You’ll even find exclusions for food items and drinks that have high dye concentrations in them. The best thing to do is clean the stain as soon as possible using the recommended methods or call AA Super Klean to do it for you.

Keep all of your documentation.

Your carpet manufacturer isn’t going to keep proof of your warranty. That will be up to you. They normally require a receipt of your carpet purchase and evidence that you had the carpets cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaning team. Some warranties might require you to have a sample of the original carpet on hand, as well. Make sure you know what you need in order to make a claim on the warranty and then keep it all in a safe place.

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