It is highly likely that every home in Casper has at least one room with carpet. We like it because it’s warm and insulating – plus, it’s soft under our feet. And since it’s our floor in many high-traffic places, it receives quite the wear and tear. Carpet can last many years without replacement so long as you take proper care. Super Klean values carpet cleaning for your home in Casper. In fact, we value it so much that we guarantee the most thorough cleaning ever or it’s free! We mean it!

A home’s carpet can get worn down by playing children, messy pets, and simply walking from room to room. While it’s best for the carpets for you to take off your shoes prior to tramping through the house, it’s not always realistic. Sometimes you may need to run in quickly to grab a forgotten item. Maybe you have a new puppy who is potty training and needs to be rushed outside every two hours to prevent making an even bigger mess. No matter the reason, shoes can be a necessity. The list never ends when it comes to ways to dirty your carpet.

The solution to dirtying your carpet is to clean your carpet – pretty simple, right? Right! Vacuuming is a great place to start. It picks up the large pieces of dirt and grime; however it just isn’t enough. A professional carpet cleaning is able to reach deep into the carpet cracks to remove the hidden dirt and germs. Stay tuned for our next blog that talks about the different carpet cleaning programs offered to you in Casper so that your home can continually stay fresh and clean.